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The Chinese white dolphin is a high intelligent aquatic mammal. The head contains the melon used for echolocation to locate direction and objects. It breathes with lungs like terrestrial animals through the blowhole on the top of its head.


The jaws are lined with 125-135 teeth and used for catching prey. Chinese white dolphins swallow their food without chewing, which is mainly estuarine fish

3、Pectoral fin

Pectoral fins are rounded and wide-based. There are four legs for all cetaceans at the early embryonic stage. Forelegs will develop to pectoral fins and hind legs will retrogress to pelvic rudiment bone with the development of embryo.

4、Dorsal fin

The dorsal fin is a protuberant triangle and located on the back. It could be used for individual identification


The shovel-shaped fluke is used for propulsion and turning in the water. It has a smooth edge and a deep curve in the middle.


The streamlined and oval shaped body can reduce water resistance which increases the speed. An adult Chinese white dolphin can have a body length of up to 2.7 m and a weight of up to 250 kg.