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The Chinese white dolphin will change its color while growing up. People tend to divide its life into six phases according to its body color, which are the unspotted calf (UC, uniform black to dark gray), unspotted juvenile (UJ, uniform light gray), mottled (SJ, light pinkish grey), speckled (SS, pale pink to white), speckled adult (SA, grey spotted), unspotted adult (UA, purely pink to white).

Chinese white dolphins can live up to 40 years. It can give one birth every 3 years. Similar to humans, it will take 10 months for the mother dolphin to give birth and only one each time. The newborn dolphin calf is almost 1 meter long. A calf is born with tail first (Terrestrial mammals are born with head first) to prevent the calf of being choked to death. Calf stays close to its mother to learn swimming and hunting.

The playful and nimble Chinese white dolphins love to ride on the wave. However, no specific rule is found for its diving. Chinese white dolphins usually live in a group smaller than ten but sometimes travel in a larger group than ten.